An exceprt from Sculpture Magaizine

by Scott Rothstein


Jill Bonovitz is an artist with an intensely personal aesthetic sensibility. Using the simplest of materials, she builds sculptures with an orientation that is quiet, intimate, nuanced, and poetic.


For the past fifteen years, Bonovitz has been using thin metal wire as the primary material in her sculptures. Bending and twisting elements, she creates line drawings which have been given form. These works seem to elude gravity. Lines define space; wires intersect at points, catching light randomly.


Without pretense, Bonovitz reveals the compelling that can be found in the ordinary. Simple details, things often overlooked, interest her. Thoughtfully, she creates humble visual moments that rest on pedestals, attach to walls, and hang from ceilings.


These wire sculptures are structurally vulnerable. They are fabricated in a manner that appears more haphazard than skilled. Yet Bonovitz is an exceptionally informed artist who always creates work with the most focused intent. With her wire pieces she offers for consideration, forms both fragile and exposed.


It is this world, the domain of the fragile, the vulnerable, and the exposed, that Bonovitz occupies. She speaks softly through the work, offering an experience, but never demanding an encounter.